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Do you need a logo, brand identity or sales brochure 
design for your business?

Or perhaps your old marketing material just needs updating?


Requesting a free quote is quick and easy.

Simply fill out this short form and we’ll get back to you with the price!


Project Brief:


  • Please describe what your business is all about? 

  • What adjectives would be relevant to describe your activity? 

  • Do you have existing brand colours, company website or other communication materials? 

  • Logo Wording – please detail exact wording for the logo. For us it’s Magnetic London for example. 

  • Tag line – Do you have an existing tag line? Does it need to be part of the logo? 

  • What would be the list of keywords that best sum of the overall impression you want to convey with the logo? 

  • When people view your logo what do you want them to feel?

  • What does the logo need to say about your company? 

  • Who is the target audience or intended market? 

  • What colours, themes and symbols do you want to use to represent your company?

(Please try and answer as many of the following questions as possible, it will help us understand your project better and hence give a more accurate quote)

We’ll prepare your bespoke quote and respond within 24 hours!

We have industry specific articles about how to benefit from a good branding and identity design, don't forget to check them out on our blog >

Magnetic London Augmented Reality Services Agency
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