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The Success of Our eHarmony Campaign

28 Feb 2017

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7 Tips To Improve Your Social Media

8 Mar 2017

Social media management can be extremely time-consuming. But there are lots of easy steps you can take to boost your social media marketing and improve your digital presence.



In this post, we’re sharing 7 quick and easy ways you can improve your social media marketing in just a few minutes.

  1. Include Images- Attract user’s attention with eye-catching visuals and infographics.

  2. Use Content Calendars - Organise all the content you want to create and publish so that you can plan ahead and be more efficient.

  3. Be Responsive - Make sure you’re engaging with people. This doesn’t just mean replying to messages, but also read, listen, and comment when you have something to add.

  4. Optimise Profile Photos - Optimise cover photo sizes so that they fall within the recommended dimensions for each network. Here are some suggested sizes:

    Twitter profile picture: 400×400 pixels
    Twitter header image: 1500×500 pixels
    Facebook profile picture: 180×180 pixels
    Facebook cover photo: 851×315 pixels
    LinkedIn profile picture: 400×400 pixels
    Instagram profile picture: 180×180 pixels


  5. Update Your Bio - Update the text you use in your bio to make sure it clearly describes your brand.

  6. Monitor Analytics - Use simple analytics tools such as Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics to help you discover what your audience like.

  7. Use Scheduling Tools - Ensure your social activities remain consistent by using social media automation tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout.


A great social media plan can serve as an important foundation to your success. If you want more advice about getting yours into spick and span condition, check out our social media management packages here


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