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The Success of Our eHarmony Campaign

28 Feb 2017

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Creative Ideas for Valentines Day

10 Feb 2016


As you probably know by now, us guys at Magnetic love staying in touch with our crafty past. So we decided to put together a little post about some creative ideas you can think of doing this Valentines Day.


If you’re single, don’t worry! We think these ideas are also great for showing friends or family how much you care.


Story book – Make a scrapbook of all your memories, starting from the beginning until where you are now


Small gestures of love – Use post-it notes to write little expressions of love and stick them in obscure places to be found later


I love you because… - Make a list of all the reasons you love them


Open when envelopes – Fill envelopes with little gifts or notes for different occasions such as ‘Open when you’re feeling down’ or ‘Open when you’re missing me’


Bake! – Because baking is so much more personal (and fun) than just buying a box of chocolates!



Scavenger hunt – Send them on a treasure hunt using fun clues and small gifts along the way


Tweet us if you have any other creative ideas and don’t forget to send us photos if you try out any of these!


Happy Valentines Day!




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